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Bubble Game
Bubble Game
Bubble Game
Bubble Game
Bubble Game
Bubble Game
Bubble Game
Bubble Game

Bubble Game

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Bubble Game : Lights, Sounds & Fun!

Occupy your mind! Addictive classic press bubble game meets fast electronic game. How fast can you pop?

🧠 Brain Training & Response Capability
✋ Hand-Eye Coordination
4️⃣ Different Game Modes
🚗 Hours of Fun On The Go


 Welcome to the captivating world of Bubble Game! Immerse yourself in a symphony of sights and sounds with this innovative fidget toy. It combines the excitement of puzzles with the satisfaction of popping bubbles, delivering a harmonious blend of entertainment and stress relief. Get ready to embark on a fidgeting adventure like no other!

  • Harmonious Puzzles - Engage your mind with intricate puzzles and experience the satisfying pop with each successful move.
  • Vibrant Light-Up Game Board - Immerse yourself in a mesmerizing visual experience as the game board illuminates with vibrant colors.
  • Melodious Button Presses - Each button press releases delightful melodies, transforming your fidgeting into a symphony of sound.
  • Quick-Push Challenges - Test your speed and dexterity with quick-push challenges that add excitement and adrenaline to your fidgeting adventure.
  • Intelligent Gameplay - Stimulate your mind with intelligent gameplay that offers a dynamic and engaging fidgeting experience.


  • Brand Name : Panda World
  • Material : ABS
  • Weight : 500 grams
  • Color : Random
  • Package content : 1 Piece Bubble Game