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Katamino Brain Teaser Puzzle
Katamino Brain Teaser Puzzle
Katamino Brain Teaser Puzzle
Katamino Brain Teaser Puzzle
Katamino Brain Teaser Puzzle
Katamino Brain Teaser Puzzle

Katamino Brain Teaser Puzzle

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A Classic Puzzle Game You Can't Stop Playing!

Katamino is a brain teaser puzzle with 500 engaging solo challenges that progress in difficulty level, so you’ll want to keep returning for more. Its board and colorful interlocking pieces are crafted with wood, making it a great looking and engaging way to play.

How to play the game?

Place the ruler on the board between numbers 3 and 4, and then take the first 3 Shape shown on the table on line A until column 3 and complete the level. Pieces must completely cover the area defined by the slider

Once this level is completed, move the slider up one space between numbers 4 and 5, add the shapes shown in Column 4 of Line A to the three pieces you just used , and then complete the PENTA 4 with those 4 pieces.

Continue solving the levels, each time adding the shape shown in the next column and moving the slider up one space until you have completed shape 8 of Line A

The game is not over yet, When you are ready for more challenges, start again on Line B, Line C and so on

Objective of the game

Katamino is a very intelligent brain teaser puzzle game designed to aid cognitive development. More Than 500 Challenges! Can you complete them all? Players must completely cover the game board with pieces of varying shapes and sizes according to the level.

 It may sound simple, but nearly limit less combinations there is always a harder puzzle to solve. A game that helps children to understand basic concepts of geometry. Enjoyed as much by kids as adults 


  • Hundreds of challenges : The included booklet contains hundreds of puzzle challenges for you to solve on the go.
  • Strategic puzzle : One player strategic puzzle game with both 2D and 3D challenges of progressive difficulty.
  • Suitable for all ages : Provides an introduction to spatial geometry, logical reasoning, and the basic properties of flat and 3D figures


  • Age : 6+ Years
  • Material : Wood
  • Package content : 1 Unit Puzzle, 1 Unit Drawstring cotton bag, 1 Unit Booklet